Beds are made in standard sizes, such as divan, single, double, queen and king sizes. It is recommended that you find a bed size that is at least four inches (10cm) to 8 inches (20cm) longer than the tallest person who will sleep in it. The following measurements can be taken to ensure you get the right bed size.
Measuring a Bed

  • Strip the bed of all bedding.
  • You will want to measure it from the exact edge.
  • Take the measurements for mattress of the cot, within the beading of cot.
  • If the cot doesn’t have the beading, then take till the edge in such a way that the mattress sits inside the cot freely.

Grab a retractable measuring tape.

You may ask a friend to help you hold the measuring tape if it does not lock into place.
Keep a pen and paper nearby to write down the measurements for future reference.
You will be able to use these measurements to see what type of bed you have in the next step. Alternatively, you can measure a space in your house to see what size bed will fit comfortably in the room.

Length measurement of bed

Set the end of the tape at the middle top of the bed.

Extend the tape till you get to the middle bottom of the bed. Write down this length measurement.

WIDTH Measurement of bed

Place one end of the measuring tape at the left side of the bed & pull the tape out until it reaches the right edge of the bed & write down this width measurement.